In book production, as in everything else we do, we set our standards high. Our books are finished with scrupulous care, right down to the smallest detail.

We print pages in four or five colours in large format. And when we say large, we really do mean large – up to 162 x 122cm (7B format). Covers and dust jackets are printed in up to six colours, in 3B format (102 x 72cm). Thanks to the enormous size of our printing sheets, each one accommodates so many pages (the exact number depends on the final size of the book) that we can easily fold and gather these in sections of 32 pages (150g maco paper).

Although this may seem incredible, to us it is simple, even at this higher grammage. We produce the imposition chart taking into account the place of each page in the section, allowing for adjustments of a matter of millimetres to ensure perfect positioning.

This is true craftsmanship in action!

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We will be only too delighted to sit down with you to draw up the optimum specifications.
For instance, if you wanted your book to be produced in a size of 295 x 295mm, we would demonstrate that by reducing the size by a mere 1mm to 294 x 294mm, you could achieve savings of 10-15%, as we would then print 40 pages per printing sheet, rather than “only” 24.
Sometimes, depending on the final size, binding with a quarterbound (= half-linen) case can be more cost effective than a fully paper laminated case, depending on how many covers fit on the printing sheet. The savings are simple to demonstrate.

We purchase virtually all the paper we need in the exact size we require for printing, avoiding unnecessary waste that would otherwise be reflected in the price. Delivery periods are short: two to three weeks is the norm for common varieties of paper.

Of course, we never lose sight of the environmental aspects of the process, as is proven by the ISO 14001 certification.

Our client base is not limited to European publishers; we are also increasingly the partner of choice for European printers that find themselves unable to take on production runs, whether due to the specifications or pricing conditions. Naturally, we treat such assignments with the utmost confidentiality. The acknowledgements will state “printed by [your firms name]” and we will deliver the books to your address in unmarked packaging.