Is it a painting or a book?

The first impression of this book is, if you are holding the painting. The delicate structure of the linen printed in 4 colors, which is glued around the thick grey board, appeals to the imagination. The front and back cover are glued to the red ‘endpapers’ of the book block. This binding method is also known as the Bodoniana-style. The white area got a blind blocking supplemented with a 1-coloured foil stamping ín this blind blocking. So 2 blockings in the same surface! Despite the offset printing on linen, we ended up very near to the original piece of art.
The book block consists of 2 different papers with a nice contrast. The language-sensitive description of the artworks is sewn in 4 thin sections with a reduced pagesize, aligned at the top of the book block. We are delighted to be able to provide this kind of special productions!